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Welcome to IOTAmarkets! -- IOTA is a quantum-resistant distributed ledger protocol launched in 2015, focused on being useful for the emerging m2m economy of Internet-of-Things (IoT), data integrity, micro-/nano- payments, and anywhere else a scalable decentralized system is warranted. IOTA uniquely offers zero fees, no scaling limitations, and decentralized consensus where users are also validators. The digital currency 'iota' has a fixed money supply with zero inflationary cost.

Cryptowatch Credits, Donchian Channels

Cryptowatch Credits, Donchian Channels
Read this on the Cryptowatch Changelog.
This week Cryptowatch launched its new pricing structure — Cryptowatch Credits. Instead of upgrading your subscription to unlock features, you can now pay for the features you want, on-demand. Credits can be earned by completing the Onboarding list, or bought with bitcoin or a credit card. All of the core functions of Cryptowatch — trading, portfolio, charts and chat — remain completely free.
A new overlay has also been added to the Analysis menu — Donchian channels. This overlay plots the high and low prices for an asset over a given period, and is useful for signalling trends and ranges for day traders.


Cryptowatch has moved away from subscriptions to a more flexible pricing model — Cryptowatch Credits. In this system, you keep a balance of Credits in your account and pay for features only as you require them. All of the core functions of Cryptowatch — trading, portfolio, charts and chat — remain completely free.
The pricing page is now Credits and Billing, with pricing information and renewal options.
Accounts with open subscriptions had the cost of those subscriptions converted into a Credits balance upon release. You can pay for more Credits with bitcoin or by credit card. Clients with a credit card attached to their account can opt into automatic refills when their Credits balance is low.
Credits are currently used to pay for SMS alerts, REST and WebSocket API connectivity, and extensibility features like Zapier triggers.
Your Credits balance is always visible in the top-right of the screen, next to your account icon. Check out the Credits and Billing page to learn more.
Your Credits balance is always available in the top-bar of any page on Cryptowatch.
The Market Data REST API page has been updated with new pricing information. Anonymous users are now allotted up to 10 credits worth of API requests via the REST API. Clients with billing information in their account can purchase credits to increase their limits.
Pricing details for REST API requests.

Donchian Channels

Donchian Channels (a.k.a. Price Channels) is a new overlay in the Analysis menu that plots high and low prices over a determined period of time. The default period is 20 bars, which can be edited in the Inputs tab when Donchian Channels is selected. This overlay works well on all time periods (from 1 minute (1M) to 1 Week (1W). It does not factor the current bar into its calculation.
Donchian Channels overlaid on Kraken Futures: BTC/USD Perpetual.
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Beginner’s Guide to Exchanges – Part 1

Beginner’s Guide to Exchanges – Part 1

Hola Compadres! It is me u/poop_dragon here with another guide. Today I would like to run through a list of ETH exchanges. This is just Part 1 of this list, and it covers established exchanges. Soon I will post Part 2 and 3 which will go into some other types of exchanges (derivative markets, coin converters, decentralized, and foreign exchanges) Side note, I have given rating to these exchanges based on some comparisons, news, and information which I have found online. Recently, EVERY exchange has been slow/unresponsive in their customer service due to the huge influx of new users. My intention is to help educate new users about the exchanges available. I am not trying to discredit, advertise, pump up, or damage reputations. If you feel something is inaccurate, please respectfully bring it up in the comments. I will be editing as we go. Last thing of note, I have only included the lowest level trading tier to calculate trading fees, which assumes the highest rates. Most exchanges offer lower fees for bigger orders, but I have gone with the assumption that everyone here is not dropping whale amounts of cash.

00 – Concepts and Definitions

01 –Digital Exchanges


Exchange Type Maker Taker
All Currencies .15% .25%
Feature Details
2FA Google Authenticator Available
Wallet Security ‘Majority’ of Funds in cold storage
Personal Information Encrypted and Stored Off-Site
Tier Level Name Email DOB Phone Address Official ID Bank Info KYC Limits
Level 1 X X $2,000 USD Daily Withdrawal Limit
Level 2 X X X X X X $7,000 USD Daily Withdrawal Limit
Level 3 X X X X X X $25,000 USD Daily Withdrawal Limit
Level 4 X X X X X X X X >$25,000 USD Daily Withdrawal Limit
What is a KYC? It stands for Know Your Customer Documentation. This varies between exchanges. However, like most things, if you have to ask, you probably can’t afford it.


Exchange Type Maker Taker
All Currencies .25% .25%
Feature Details
2FA Google Authenticator Available
Wallet Security Multi-stage wallet Majority’ of Funds in cold storage
Personal Information IP Whitelisting restricts trading from new addresses
Tier Level Name Email DOB Phone Address Official ID Bank Info KYC Limits
Basic X X X 3 BTC or less daily
Enhanced X X X X X X 100 BTC or less daily

02– Fiat Exchanges - USA

Coinbase (GDAX)

Country Credit/Debit Linked Bank Account Wire Transfer
Australia 3.99% - -
Canada 3.99% - -
Europe 3.99% 1.49% SEPA- Free (€0.15)
Singapore 3.99% 1.49% -
UK 3.99% - SEPA Free (€0.15)
US 3.99% 1.49% $10 Deposit / $25 With / ACH Free
Exchange Type Maker Taker
ETH/FIAT 0% .30%
ETH/BTC 0% .30%
Tier Level Name Email DOB Phone Address Official ID Bank Info KYC Limits
Level 1 X X X
Level 2 X X X X X Crypto Only
Level 3 X X X X X X X Fiat Enabled
Level 4 X X X X X X X X Higher Fiat Limits
Feature Details
2FA Google Authenticator, Authy, SMS
Wallet Security 98% Assets in Cold Storage
Personal Information 3rd Party Verified, Secured, Stored Offline
Digital Currency Insurance Fully Insured by Lloyd’s of London
Fiat Insurance Up to $250,000 by FDIC
Bug Bounty Multiple bounties up to $10,000


Country Linked Bank Account Wire Transfer
EUR Free SEPA €5-10 (€0.09 Withdrawal)
US Free SWIFT $10 ($60 Withdrawal)
UK Free SWIFT £10 (£60 Withdrawal)
CAN Free SWIFT Free ($10 Withdrawal)
Exchange Type Maker Taker
ETH/FIAT .16% .26%
ETH/BTC .16% .26%
Tier Level Name Email DOB Phone Address Official ID Bank Info KYC Limits
Level 0 X No Trading Allowed
Level 1 X X X X No Fiat, Unlimited Crypto
Level 2 X X X X Fiat $2,000Day/$10,000Mo
Level 3 X X X X X X Fiat $25,000Day/$200,000Mo
Level 4 X X X X X X X X Fiat $100,000Day/$500,000Mo
Feature Details
2FA Google Authenticator, Master Key Available
Wallet Security Majority Assets in Cold Storage
Personal Information PGP Encrypted Emails, Global Settings Lock
Digital Currency Insurance Maintain Full Reserves
Bug Bounty Multiple bounties


Country Linked Bank Account Wire Transfer
USD Free Free
Exchange Type Maker Taker
ETH/ALL .10-.25% .25%
Tier Level Name Email DOB Phone Address Official ID Bank Info KYC Limits
Individual X X X X X X X None - Except for ACH
Feature Details
2FA Google Authenticator, Authy Available
Hot Wallet Security Hot Wallet Hosted by Amazon Web Services
Cold Wallet Stored in 2 tiers of cold and 'cryo' multi-sig storage
Personal Information Encrypted in Transit and Stored Offline
Digital Currency Insurance Fidelity bond by 'top-tier insurance company'
Fiat Insurance Up to $250,000 by FDIC

03– Fiat Exchanges - Hong Kong


Country Credit/Debit Bank Transfer Express Bank Transfer
ALL - .1% ($20 Minimum) 1% ($20 Minimum)
Exchange Type Maker Taker
ETH/ALL .10% .20%
Tier Level Name Email DOB Phone Address Official ID Bank Info KYC Limits
Individual X X X X X X (2) X X No Stated Limits
Feature Details
2FA Google Authenticator, Twilio Available
Account Security New IP Addresses locked for 24 hours, require verification and detection
System Security Hosted and Backed-up on Linux, protection from DDoS
Personal Information Email encryption with OpenPGP
Wallet Security Only .5% of funds are stored in hot wallets
EDIT : Thank you to u/Ginger_Bearded_Man for the suggestion. Bittrex has been added.
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Tools Menu and Asset Search

Tools Menu and Asset Search
Did you know you can get free portfolio tracking across 12 exchanges through Cryptowatch? Create an account to track your portfolio and save your settings across sessions and track your portfolio. Trading through the interface starts at just $10 month.
On to what we shipped this week:

New Analysis Tools Menu

As new indicators and overlays for charts are constantly created, we want to ensure Cryptowatch helps you access these new perspectives on the market. Today, we’re excited to debut a new Analysis Tools menu on our charts to help you select, configure, and learn about all the tools on our platform. All the Indicators and Overlays you know and love have now moved to this one menu, between the candle settings and the pencil icon.
We heard you wanted more customization of your charts, so from within the Analysis Tools menu you can now:
  1. Alter the style of each tool - like the colors of the lines for Bollinger Bands
  2. Change the price input of a tool - like creating an EMA with the High prices of each candle instead of Close
Finding tools will now be easier as the list grows: search from the top of the menu, ‘favorite’ any tool with the star, and filter the list by Type or Category (like Momentum and Volatility) from within the Filters menu next to the search bar.
Finally, tools are useless if misunderstood - so we’ve included a description of each tool, a visual example, and the corresponding calculation under the Info tab that reveals itself when a tool is selected in the menu.
Change can be daunting, we know - but we think you'll find this new menu not only easier to use, but more helpful for discovering new perspectives on the market. Play around with it and let us know what you think.

Asset Search and Watchlist

When you go to an asset page like Bitcoin's, you'll now see a dropdown of all the assets in the platform. Search, save, and learn more about all the coins and cryptos at your disposal.

Asset Selector closed
Asset Selector opened!

Available Funds Everywhere

The available funds indicator you know from Portfolio is now visible in the trading panel to give you a better idea of the balances at your disposal while trading any market.

Want to work with us?

Check out our careers page for the latest listings. If you want a head start, show us what you can do with some of our public APIs. Our new WebSocket API is currently in beta and free for now - try it out by emailing your Cryptowatch username to [[email protected].](mailto:[email protected].)

Trading via APIs?

Try streaming trade data from 25 exchanges with Cryptowatch WebSockets API - just email us your username at [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) to get started.
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I overlaid Bitcoin Prices with 'Buy Bitcoin' Google Search Trends

Graphs here:
First I downloaded the data from Google (keyword = 'Buy Bitcoin') and Cryptowatch. As Google results is relative and not absolute search volume, I had to normalise both data sets so that both the prices and searches fall between 0 to 1. In this way, you can see who follows who.
From just observing the graph, I found that search trends surprisingly follow prices. However, it contained a lot of noise so I smoothed it by calculating the 7 Day Moving Average. As you can see, search follows closely to Prices. However, it tends to overreact when the prices are dropping and rises too fast before the price rises.
I also did a quick analysis and found out that lagging the search by 14 days is a significant variable (p-value = 0.002) whereas any other lag is not significant.
If search trends are true, then we should experience higher prices soon! #tothemoon
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Changelog] - 9/25/2018 - Market Shortcuts and Charting Additions

[Changelog] - 9/25/2018 - Market Shortcuts and Charting Additions:



New Features: Market Shortcuts on Home page


New Features: Charting Additions:







Bug reports, suggestions, and questions are welcome
Sign up for a free two week trial of Cryptowatch by clicking here.
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WCHangout 21 -- CryptoFacilities -- Insurance, Hedging, Trading (Thursday) 10-11AM Central [-5:00 GMT]

We will be having a Google Hangout with Dr. Tim Schlaefer, Co-founder and CEO of CryptoFacilities Derivatives exchange. The panel is made of traders from WhaleClub TeamSpeak , TradingView Chat, Reddit and IRC #CoinMarkets.
Event Page:
Prior Exchange/BTC Trading Related Hangouts:
Raw Google Document Outline/Notes
Tell us who you are, your background, and the background of your team.
Are you a trader ? Do you trade BTC/crypto actively ? What products have you used in the past or currently use?
What made you decide founding the company and offering a futures derivative product on BTC was a good idea ?
How do you set yourself apart from the other 4 futures platforms ?
Do you have any VC backing ?
Tell us about your insurance option and why this is important and who do you think this appeals to ? What is Elliptic and why are they special ? How was this relationship formed? What is the rate of insurance that someone has to pay on their account ?
What are the current KYC/AML requirements?
What is your edge ? How do you plan to challenge the offshore exchanges that currently have a very large majority of the order flow?
Currently it appears you only are offering 4:1 leverage is that correct ? Why so low ? how are you going to compete against the heavy hitters offering 10x 20x ?
For a long Forward position, you need to deposit Initial Margin (IM) of 0.50 bitcoins. This means that if you have 1 bitcoin in your account, you can buy up to 2 Forwards, giving you a total long exposure of 3 bitcoins.
You say 4x leverage but that sounds like 2x ?
How does your margin call system work ? what do you think of socialize loss systems like OKC ? Why do they have all the users ?
What appeal do you have to very active retail traders ?
Any plans to a front week future currently you only have 3 longer dated contracts how do you plan on winning over active retail ?
Index calculation and criteria -- you have some criteria as to how you qualify an exchange -- I notice BTCUSD fee’ed exchange isn’t on there but LakeBTC is ? I have yet to ever meet anyone to trade on LakeBTC that is based in China as well What is the rationale behind this ?
Fees -- not too bad but still higher than OKC because they only charge 0.03% on opening -- it appears you charge both ways
API -- rest API -- yes I know that is what BFX has currently but they are moving toward websocket and ultimately FIX which is the standard of legacy financial institutions -- any thoughts here ? “'while they go a half step forward in having a higher then average standard of encryption of all data sent , they are still using REST which means they are behind the ball in speed and realtime data compared to okcoin....or even coinbase"
The never ending debate of XBT VS BTC -- XBT just will never grow on me
Any plans to get charts listed on Cryptowatch or TradingView ? why or why not
Why does the formatting of the contract not include the actual expiration date ?
Your combination lock kind of way of doing things is not appealing and hard to easily digest -- I would hate staring at that everyday
What kind of order types are you offering ? any plans for icebergs and algos?
Order book is on the opposite side as Time and Sales? why ?
Why does it log me out if I navigate to another page ? at times
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CryptoWatch #1 - HOW FAR WILL BITCOIN DROP?!?! Trading Bitcoin: 4 Steps to Calculate Your Position Size ... Crypto trade calculator Online CryptoCurrency Calculator with multi-Cryptocurrencies Simple Bitcoin Converter How to calculate crypto trading profit and loss?

Der Bitcoin - Euro Chart zeigt die Entwicklung des Bitcoin - Euro in grafischer Form und erlaubt somit einen schnellen Überblick über Kursverlauf, Höchst- und Tiefststände. Cryptowatch Desktop, our new high-performance desktop app featuring customizable dashboards of real-time market data, is now free to download. Cryptowatch adds Binance.US Trading and Portfolio Integration. Traders can now execute trades and manage orders for Binance.US markets directly on the Cryptowatch trading terminal by importing their Binance.US API keys. Kraken’s Bitcoin Volatility ... Cryptowatch has added support for the much-hyped Bitcoin stock-to-flow (S2F) valuation indicator. The model that boasts a 95% correlation to historical Bitcoin price data was popularized by Bitcoin quant analyst Plan B.. The scarcity-based model can now be used as a chart overlay on any Bitcoin / USD chart on Cryptowatch. The new trend analysis indicator can be customized for inputs such as ... Crypto Currency Conversion Calculator Convert cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP and many more using the calculator below! Digital Assets Coins and Tokens Choose a digital asset, coin, or token below to watch videos and learn more about it! BTC/EUR: Aktueller Bitcoin - Euro Kurs heute mit Chart, historischen Kursen und Nachrichten. Wechselkurs BTC in EUR.

[index] [3661] [2885] [31340] [50902] [49489] [30357] [19340] [37892] [45777] [23163]

CryptoWatch #1 - HOW FAR WILL BITCOIN DROP?!?!

HI! This is the way I keep track of my coins, it is a simple excel document that automatically updates 100 different type of cryptocurrencies live. Binance E... Cryptowatch - Live Bitcoin Price Chart 📈 - BTC = 6360.2 $ قناة MStechnology قناة تهتم بـ" #أحدث المنتجات التقنية - #الهندسة الأجتماعية - # ... How Mining Crypto can pay you daily Our crypto watch for June 12th 2017. Written watchlist. Trading Bitcoin: 4 Steps to Calculate Your Position Size - Risk Management EXPLAINED - Duration: 6:20. Sell The Spike 6,885 views. 6:20. STOP LIMIT ORDER TUTORIAL: BINANCE & GDAX! How to set a ...